I just bought my first incubator!


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Mar 8, 2009
Prague, Oklahoma
After reading the posts here and a miserable attempt at a homemade bator last year, I broke down and bought an LG incubator from the feed store today. It's a still air incubator and I don't have an egg turner or fan or anything, so this should be a real adventure.

I don't have a rooster anymore so I'm going to have to get me some fertile eggs, but I do have a set of Pekin ducks that I'm going to use their eggs to practice with. Well I probably won't be able to wait that long for chicks, so I may start the duck eggs and then add the chicken eggs a week later so they should hatch at the same time.....am I crazy?

I just have to decide what type of chicken eggs I want. I'm thinking about RIR or some Welsummers......I already have two people that want ducklings if my duck eggs hatch well!

I know, I know...it's going to be an addiction!!!



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Feb 7, 2009
Tombstone, AZ
im using my LG to hatch duckies right now! they are due next week! all look great and are moving around inside. I had to put 4 sponges in the bottom and 3 little round pans of water in as well to get my humidity up.

i dont have a fan or a turner either. I use the egg carton to do the tiliting back and forth! SO far so good!

Good luck!
p.s. the temp gauge is EXTREMELY touchy! move it an itty bitty bit if adjusting temp

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