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    Apr 2, 2013
    I have been looking for an incubator. I have seen about every brand of incubator available and read every review, on here and elsewhere, and I am interested in the Incuview and the tried and true Hovabator Genesis 1588. Due to a hectic family and work life, I need something that handles all the turning and manages the temp and humidity fairly well on its own. Both of these incubators have pretty good reviews and the prices are about the same. I am leaning toward the Hovabator, mainly, because it is a tried and true design. But the Incuview has my eye too. I like the nice big viewing window and the "all in one" design. My concern is that the thin plastic can't hold in the heat for very long, which would mean the fan and heating element will have to run almost continuously to keep it at temp. This would, I assume, shorten the life of the components. Is it going to be a significant enough amount that it will really make a difference?....It's a relatively new design so only time will tell. I do like that the plastic would make it fairly easy to clean. The Hovabator, with its foam design, should hold temperature very well and therefore hold temp and humidity much better. This is assuming that the lid and body fit together fairly well and tightly, which I have never read anyone commenting on. I can see how the foam would be a little harder to get clean, as many reviews state. It also seems so cheap.....styrofoam.....I mean most companies give the stuff away when they ship something! Not that the thin plastic the Incuview is made out of is all that heavy duty either, but it just seems more substantial.
    My wife hates it when it comes time to buy anything....tv's, bluray's, cars, trucks, even something as simple as egg cartons....I review, read, study, decide and change my mind a million times before I lay down my money.....obviously incubators are no different! So, I am asking you all your thoughts on my thoughts.
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    Sorry, I can't really help you on this one, except I have read about, and heard about the Genesis 1588 from friends and they love it. If I get another incubator, I'll probably get one and use it as a hatcher.

    Only one person I've talked to has an Incuview. She really likes it. But one person does not make enough reviews to sway my opinion, so the Hovabator wins in my book.
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    I recently received the Genesis 1588 as a gift, and I am incubating my first batch in it now. So far, I love it! I'm on day 9, and all I've had to do is add water every few days, and candle! Super easy, I definitely recommend it [​IMG]

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