I just can't get no respect.


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No, we're not talking about Rodney Dangerfield but rather about chicken keepers.

For a long time I have lamented the fact that today predators don't fear man. Here is more evidence that unfortunately was provided by a 4 year old child. Next time it could be your child.


Oh yes, I forgot to add. Western coyotes are the smallest of the coyote subspecies, there was an adult woman in Maine (were the coyotes are big and bold) who was killed in a predatory coyote attack.


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Stop hunting and trapping and predators lose fear of man. Here in N J there was a recent killing by a black bear and several coyote attacks. Then we have the mountain lion attacks in the West.


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As mankind has encroached on the habitat of animals they have begun to shift from the magnificent animals that they were to being little more than dumpster divers in order to survive. So, when some animal novice moves into one of those areas they see a coyote or wolf and (often their children) think poor dog is starving. But, they don't even have to go that far. Just a small child or pet in the back yard is seen as a meal to a hungry displaced predator.

We actually live in a very rural area but every morning and evening we hear the coyote packs howling to one another, I have seen a bobcat jump from a nearby tree to the roof of my chicken coop attempting to pry off the metal roof to the point of bloody paws, we have had to dispatch several raccoons, skunks, armadillos and even a porcupine recently that were determined to have a free meal.

For this reason we have guns positioned conveniently to every door of the house so that we have them available in a moments notice if needed. As much as we don't want to have to kill something that is doing only what it's instinct tells it to do we will defend our home and our animals. That is part of our commitment to them in exchange for their company and their participation in our farming effort. We will try every available deterrent but when they do not work the permanent solution is the only solution.

So, if you want predators to respect your and what is yours respect them enough to try to understand what they are doing and how they do it. Take every step to prevent them from achieving that goal and, when nothing else works, make the decision, your birds or their lives.


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Anytime a predator, or even prey species is left along and not hunted / harvested / trapped it is going to lose the fear of man because they no longer know what to be afraid of. I live out in the middle of nowhere, I've "removed" one coyote from the back yard that knew I was there and could have cared less, his mistake. Predator control is not a brutal thing, it is not cruel, it is a part of life, and a healthy ecosystem.
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This brings respect! One coyote sees another one killed ... They quickly learn to not go around there anymore!

I always carry a gun with me ...



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It's got nothing to do with a lack of hunting or trapping.

Human structures are a source of food - whether it's garbage, rodents attracted by birdseed, pets, or people leaving out food for feral cats.


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We have a lot of coyotes where we live which can be trouble for our hens. We hear them howling really close to the house at night, a whole mess of them. We shoot them and the sheep farmer that is about a mile away traps them and kills them. We don't see that many in person but we sure do hear them.

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