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    Jun 17, 2008
    So I just hung up the phone with my purchase of two peer-bred, bantum white, silkies. [​IMG] I have been trying to find these birds for so long in my area that I agreed to buy them quickly! SO I'm picking them up this Saturday. I have a hen and a rooster. They will be staying on a public farm in the middle of the city, as I am in the FFA and that's where we keep our livestock. I read up on proper care a while ago, but I need some refreshing. So any tips on how to care for these animals? I am definitely going to breed and sell them--in the spring. As for right now I want to turn them into show birds. Tips?
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    Congrats on your soon to be birds. I'm sure you will really enjoy them!
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    Dec 3, 2007
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    Public farm how does that work?
  4. Bricheze

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    Jun 17, 2008
    It's a historic farm that was built to show modern 'city-slickers' how we used to farm in the old days. We just hide all of our modern tools. Except some things like the scales, they are they way, way old kind lol. How do I select the show silkies from my first clutch? What do they look for when they judge them?
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    howdy, your FFA teacher should have an upto date poultry standard of perfection book. you will find all the info on what a the standard silkie is to be. all colors of plumage, skin, shanks, toenails, beaks, types of comb, number of toes, ect. a great soarce of reference for show quality birds of all breeds and varieties. aside from that , remember to keep the coop clean, do not let the droppings build up. you will have a great chance of developing scaly legs and toes, plus being feather legged, the plumage will collect with filth.
    have fresh clean water daily, a good nutritional diet (just throwing in scratch is not good nutrition, its a filler at best) poultry feeds with 15% protien or better is great.
    i mix a small portion of calf manna(more protien) along with crushed eggshells or oyster shells for calcium (bone developement and eggshell developement). depending on your pocket book, a probiotic is also great.
    during times of stress or before and after a show, or just plain old good health electrolytes with vitamins,and minerals . for great skin, plumage, and a spunky rooster i like wheat germ oil and use 2 table spoons per gallon of feed, mixed well. there is a lot to raising good quality show birds, but the satisfaction of winning shows and getting a good reputation for quality is what its all about. i am a 4-H poultry project leader and breeder of show quality chickens. the best of luck to you!

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