I just got sloshed!

Gray Goose

In the Brooder
5 Years
Jul 14, 2014
I'm relatively new at incubating eggs (less than 4 sets) and I ordered 8 of the expensive jubilee orps. They all arrived today and all slosh like they are full of water. This is a major disappointment. I have the feeling they are junk :( Am I right?
They started stinking even before seven days went by so I candled the rest and threw away the sloshy ones. I couldn't tell for certain that the four good eggs are even fertile. Still going for the best
So I just decided to check them again and I honestly don't think any of the eggs are fertile. It's been fourteen days and none of the eggs are showing any dark spots, only slight rings around the air sac :( So THEN I decide to read the customer reviews of this person I ordered from. Double :((

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