I just got the DE now how do I use it?

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    Can I put out a pan of DE dust for my 6 week old chicks?
    Can you dose cats for worming? How much? Can I put some on the coop floor? In the nest boxes ?
    Does it kill worms or just mites and fleas?
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    After I sweep and mop the coop, I put a light dusting of DE all over the linoleum, then I cover it with shavings.

    I also mix in a small amount into their feed.

    I don't think it kills worms but it helps with other pests.
  3. Granolamom

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    Sep 9, 2008
    For cats, you can use 1 tsp per day, mixed in their food. I wouldn't use it as a pure dustbath, as it is incredibly fine, and will get into their eyes, nostrils, etc.
    You can, however, mix it with whatever they're taking a dustbath in (mine take theirs in some dry, fine, dirt right up against the house, and I periodiclly mix some DE in with it.
    Make sure you have food-grade DE, as the other stuff will kill them. I also put it in their nesting boxes, and mix a bit in with their feed, periodically.

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