I just got two of the biggest eggs I've ever got out of my pen.


12 Years
Jan 18, 2008
Conway SC
They are twice the size of anything else I picked up today.I have been noticing about one a week for a while now but today I get two.I have 3 Delaware hens that are close to 1 year old and if they are doing that then I want some more of them.Delaware's are known for laying jumbo double yolkers.
I have a black pullet that frequently lay huge eggs. Here is a picture of the one from today with a normal large egg.
Yeah I have been getting an occasional jumbo egg but recently there have been some slobberknockers.I kid you not these two are twice the size of my largest egg today.Thye make them look like bantam eggs.
It must be the season for HUGE mondo eggs.
I had two massive double yolkers last week (couldn't shut the egg carton). One was from one of my White Leghorns and the other (I think) was my Red Star. This week, however, I have had two that look like something the size of a sparrow broke in and laid an egg. LOL I am just chalking it up to my girls being new layers and their little bodies adjusting to egg laying.
My Jumbo one frequently doesn't shut. I have to wonder why they keep laying when they have these big eggs. You would think that would hurt.
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that weighs her "wombo" (as I call them) eggs!

But holy cow....4.5 ozs! That's a GOOSE EGG!

Biggest I've had thus far was 3.4 ozs. (had 2 of them - one just last week), and I just cannot visualize a bigger one! The neatest part of my last one was that it came from an EE, so it was green! Pretty!
Usually hers are more in the 3 oz range but, yesterdays was extra huge. It hurts me to just think about them laying an egg that big.

A GREEN one that big-wow-that would be neat to see.

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