I just have to share their new home

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7 Years
May 19, 2012
My eight little chicks (about 4 weeks old) are happily locked into their new home; much bigger and way more interesting than the brooder I had in the breakfast nook. They've been living with the lights off for about a week as the house stays about 70 degrees, and they don't seem the worse for it. It was about 80 degrees today, and the coop is spectacularly built for us by my dad from pine cut and milled on his property. I hope they are warm enough out there tonight, though, as I don't have the light/electricity installed, and I didn't insulate it or anything. I closed the vents, though, and there's pine shavings on the floor.

I have to share pictures because I am so impressed with the work he did! I hope you like it. My daughter picked out the color. I will have to leave them in the coop (with vents and window open) when I go to work tomorrow because the run isn't predator-proof yet. I hope it won't get too hot in there for them.

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