I just must be the dumbest, meanest, rudest, most obnoxious person in my area...

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    Feb 13, 2011
    Central IL
    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of being lonely ugh!

    I was developing a friendship with a local lady who has a daughter who has issues as well...and we would talk about said issues and I **THOUGHT** we were there to support each other...

    well now she doesnt want to be "friends" with me cause she said she can't knowingly add negativity to her life right now and since I was venting to her about howo to possibly get out of this situation with my daughter...I guess it was too much for her..

    I dont dislike her and really want her to have a great life..definitely...

    I'm just not sure what people dont like about me... (and yes I'm having a 5 minute pity party...)

    I am not a nasty person...of course, like all people, I have my moments...I wont lie..
    I volunteer at the food pantry (actually my whole family does) EVERY OTHER WEEK!!! we love it!!
    I have put together two HUGE donation drives to families who have lost everything..
    I run 2 ministries at church...
    am completely involved at church w/VBS etc...they even trust me to have a master key to the church...

    however, I'm deemed "odd" because I homeschool my 14 yr old son...we didnt let the teacher in middle school verbally bully my son any longer or a handful of other students physically bully him.. and pulled him out...
    ...my 2 younger girls go to Public school..
    I am not afraid of being honest/open with people (with kindness and grace obviously)..I DO NOT BROWN NOSE...I am NOT fake...who I am on this "board" in this post you are reading..is the real me...

    I LOVE to can, garden, make homemade ricotta cheese, homemade yogurt...I love to wear longer skirts sometimes..my girls LOOOOVE and wear long skirts almost all the time...no..I'm not backwards...I wear makeup, do my nails, but I still raise chickens and can be down to earth...

    I love baseball (go Cards!), dislike football, love ice hockey...am loyal to my husband...was divorced once before...lived in an abuse shelter, was a single parent, was homeless with my newborn daughter back then...
    went to school..didnt get a degree, so I have no piece of paper that says I'm worth something....

    my kids arent perfect..whose are?? and if anyone says theirs is...I'll call them out..no kid is EVER completely perfect ya know??
    I was told once that ..the reason people dont invite Brian (and everyone LOVES brian..my hubby) & I out, is "Probably because of your son". Well, guess what? 2 yrs ago..he was sullen, withdrawn, mouthy when he got upset...thats cause he was being beat up everyday almost at school.....but he was also 12...he's 14 now...and we are told "he's SO MUCH BETTER NOW"...

    but yet we dont have friends...I know I sound like a teenager..but it is INCREDIBLY lonely to live 30 min from the nearest large city and live in this small town of 2700 and have NO ONE to hang with..or to go to lunch with..or to take a walk with...

    I am such a people person..my hubby..he's happy staying home..he's an introvert..not me!! I crave friendship, I crave getting out of the house...

    I'm a SAHM FT & small biz owner from my house FT...I can make my own schedule...seriously I have no one...I am so freakin' lonely...

    oik pity party over...someone...just tell me to grow up and be a 40 yr old self sufficient woman ....and let it roll off my back....
  2. debilorrah

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    There is NOTHING wrong with you. You are easy to talk to, funny, friendly and loving. Me thinks the problem is with many others. You already know a lot of people think that chicken people are odd. Try to find another chicken/duck/quail/goose person. Go to a park and feed the ducks and see else is doing the same.

    I remember once a gal at work had hubby issues. I would just sit there and agree with her and make all the proper noises and all of sudden one day she wanted nothing to do with me because I was always negative about her husband. Yeah.

    People are odd. We are not.
  3. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
    Western MA
    You sound like an awesome person to ME! You sound interesting and smart and thoughtful of others.
    She wasnt a real friend then if she didnt want to hear about your problems... thats not a friend. IMO
    It'll be okay.. :hugs
  4. debilorrah

    debilorrah The Great Guru of Yap

    You need to friend her on FB. Ms Mom is a great gal. There is NOTHING wrong with her.
  5. Northwind

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    Mar 3, 2012
    You don't sound nasty at all! I don't know you very well, but from what I read you seem like a pretty nice person. Sounds like you've done a fantastic job with your son! :D
    At first we had no friends in this new city, but had Christmas dinners, or New years' gatherings with colleagues from work. It took a while and certainly we've had our share of disastrous occasions among acquaintances, but between it all you might just find people you enjoy spending time with, and they enjoy seeing you too!

    What about other volunteers, or maybe some of the people you help? You're doing great stuff there. Keep it up!
    And hey, everyone needs to have a bit of a vent every now and then, if people judge you for that, then like redhen said, they're not a friend.
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  6. jamesbwood

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    Do you get out in addition to the food kitchen? We have a local botanical garden that has a room that hosts about 28 different clubs. I'm in the rare fruits and bee keeping and have been to the poultry meeting a few times as well. Is there anything like that around? Anyway to increase the chances to meet people you can be yourself with?
  7. debilorrah

    debilorrah The Great Guru of Yap

    See Marshawn? Sometimes our newbies have some REALLY good ideas.

  8. Momagain1

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    Feb 13, 2011
    Central IL
    I live in a very small town..no where is there a local thing that I can do..most ppl at the park are locals who already "know" (or think they know) us...but we have
    no women clubs etc...no botanical ones etc...

    the only other volunteers at the food pantry are old ladies...think great great grandmas...
    since i'm self employed; I dont have coworkers :-(

    I just think its going to get harder as the year goes on; as we are going to be tighter in money due to Brians job ending on June 5th...so we will have to be at home
    even more and just go out when we need to get inventory for the business....

    I swear; this is going to be the death of me...maybe God is refining me...teaching me to looko towards Him and not others for my self worth...
  9. SillyChicken

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    Jan 12, 2010
    or....maybe look to yourself for your self worth.... you certainly don't need others to do that for you as they can't possibly understand your true value, as much as you can!
  10. hearts34

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    Apr 8, 2012
    Blount county, AL
    I will take the liberty of quoting scripture since you are fellow believer.................Jesus was teaching some very hard things and most of the crowds dispersed because they couldn't handle it. He then turned to his inner circle, Peter and the gang, and ask them if they were going to leave him also. Peter replied, " Where would we go Lord? You have the words of life."

    Before I say this, just remember I have four fingers pointing back at me. Usually, when we feel bad, it's because someone hurt our ego. There's nothing wrong with us. That's how we are made. After a certain amount of time, sometimes a few minutes, sometimes a couple hours, we need to snap out of it, get over it, and move on.
    Jesus is the only friend who will stand by you closer than a brother. Most people(remember my four fingers) are self absorbed, and not being christian.
    The true christian will strive to always have the servant mentality that was lived out by our Lord and Saviour. We WILL slip up on occasion, because we are still just sinners saved by grace. During those times we just ask the Lord's forgiveness, dust ourselves off, and move on with our life.
    Being a Christian is very lonely at times. Because most professing christians are cino. christian in name only. I found out a few years back that my wife and I weren't being invited to social gatherings by other christians, because we were tee totalers! When I found this out, I was really hurt because I am no one's judge, only God is.

    Just remember, most professing christians still need to get saved and have a personal relationship with Jesus! Just pardon their dust, be a good christian example, and enjoy your family.

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