I just rescued 2 hens, and have a few questions

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  1. ChknMom

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    Jun 11, 2012
    So, I have 2 new hens. I found them on craigs list and oh boy I was not expecting to see what I saw. I raised a clutch of 6, and ended up with 4 roosters. So this time around I thought to just get 2 adult hens. Well, their condition consisted of poop covered feathers, broken feathers, very dry severely scaled feet, wounds, and toes that have been bitten off and the ones that were left are fractured and healed crooked. I took them to my veterinarian immediately and my vet was shocked at the amount of neglect and abuse. He told me that he believed they were kept in a wire cage and very crowded (which explains their feet and their broken feathers. I was in tears holding my new babies just heart broken at the pain they must have endured. They look so much better now, I gave them a bath and good food and boy are they happy. They stretch and groom them selfs beautifully!

    I got my hens on monday, then today one of the hens laid an egg! I was very proud of her, and she was proud too. She is sitting on her egg and turning it and is very comfortable laying on it. I do not want to take it away from her, is it okay to just let her lay on it? I have no idea if it is fertile or not since I have no idea the details of her previous life before monday.

    My other questions are, should I clean the nest? It is a box right now since I have them in a large dog crate in my garage while I keep them separate from my flock. I was told to keep them separate for 1.5-2 months to wait if any disease or virus shows. Also, I let them have a few hours out in a separate part of my yard but they do not have access to the garage during this time. Should I still put her outside or not in case the egg is fertile. My last question, I ran out of straw and was going to add it today but I do not want to stress her out by adding it. Can I?

    Thank you! Any other suggestions are very appreciated!
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    Well done you for giving those 2 a good home! Poor things [​IMG]
    I found my hens like to sit on and play with their eggs and I'll wait until the get up before I remove it. They usually don't sit very long.
    I don't think they'd mind if you clean out their nest and put some bedding in for them. In fact, I think they'll love it!
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    Dec 7, 2011
    If you haven't already treated them for their scaly legs, I would put vaseline,mineral oil, or something like either of those on their legs. And before long, I would worm them. I'll bet they are really happy.
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    Poor things! So good of you to give them a great home.

    Great suggestions for you above. Definitely treat their legs with vaseline or mineral oil. Worm them, and dust them with poultry dust to get rid of any creepy crawlies. (or you can use Ivomec for the wormer, which also kills lice/mites)

    Absolutely keep them separated from your flock - if they have anything, you don't want it spreading to your whole flock.
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    Jun 11, 2012
    Thank you everyone!!!!

    I had them tested for parasites, internal and external. Both came back negative, so my vet told me no need to treat them. Is that okay?

    I am putting vitamin E oil on their legs, is vasaline and mineral oil better? Or is the E fine?

    Thank you everyone for your reply!

    I put in the straw, they love it! One of the ladies is putting it all around her egg and is making a lot of noise. Why is she making so much noise? I don't mind but she is non stop for about 5 mins straight then stops. My mom said she may be ready to lay another egg but I have no clue.

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