I keep having Temperature Spikes!!!

Griffin Nest

9 Years
Aug 7, 2010
I have 6 shipped eggs set into my homemade incubator, and it's had temp spikes every night for the past 5 nights!!! I have a thermometer that tells the Min/Max and i reset it every night after their 3rd turn of the day. When i come down in the morning, the thermometer says 99.7, but the max says 104!!!!
I't been doing this every night!!! I'm so worried that the chicks will be deformed or not hatch. I candled all of them and they are alive, but I just don't want hatching complications!
I would say if it has not caused any damage yet, it prolly won't.. It might be spiking for just a few minutes each night..

I would guess your thermostat has too much of a swing from high to low.. a water heater thermostat??
No, my thermostat is pretty good. it only fluctuates within one degree of the temp i set it at (i have it set to 99.5 and it goes between 98.5 and 100.5) and its not cheap, i paid 45 bucks for this thermostat!!

its because.. at night, i close one of the air vents so in the morning, the temperature is not low. in the mornings, sometimes i see that the temp is 97!!! so i close the vent so it stays at 99.5. but then it goes way up to 104.

i've heard of eggs living until the last day before hatching but dieing because of a temp spike a couple days or even a week earlier.
Is your vent open or closed right now? I leave mine closed unless I want to lower my humidity. Still air or fan? Do you use a bottle of water for a heat sink?
my vents are open during the day and at night i close them a bit, but not all the way. i have a fan and i don't know what a heat sink is.
could it be cause you open it to turn the eggs at night then when it turns back on to get back up to temp is what is causeing the temp spike might only spike for a few secs till the heater cools back down to the set temp
i was reading about heat sinks so i got a small water bottle, filled it with warm water and put it in. the temp is the same though.

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