I know, I know, KFC is evil, but...


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Oct 19, 2007
Newton, NC
I got some of the free "grilled" chicken meal coupons back when oprah did the promo. The told me they were doing rain checks, and to fill out a form and give them the coupons. I have yet to see one. Has anyone else done this and actually gotten the rain check?
KFC ain't evil. Personally I prefer Church's but hey...

No...sorry...haven't heard about the coupons.
If only I could get the Col.'s recipe for extra crispy....
I rarely eat at KFC, maybe once or twice a year, but I feel like it was bait and switch with the coupons. They would have the food behind the counter, and tell people they can't use the coupons, but could get rainchecks. Most people will go ahead and buy something anyways to keep from looking stupid, but we didn't. I feel like there was a lot of deception with this offer.
I Love the KFC. Hubby prefers Churches or Popeye's. Of course in NC there's Bojangles...too spicy for my liking.

I don't see how KFC is any more evil than any mass food producer. I don't see any Anti-Perdue postings....

Oh, and I think the "grilled" idea is contrary to Kentucky FRIED Chicken!!!
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I have a original copy of it. My nephew ( there is an I in there somewhere) sorryfor spelling all that. Just had to tell a 14 year friend and family the puppy they got from s was poisend from ati-freeze. long story short.go to this website: http://copycat.cdkitchen.com/ it even has outback steak house steak recipe ate their mad the recipe and dang is it good. Better on a wood fire on the grill, by the way soak mushrooms onions peppers in the sauce too and grill in seperate foil on grill excellent. I also add granulated garlic, onion powder and pepper and whorchestershire (war sauce) sauce. I don't measure anything just what looks right. Did the same with KFC recipe. This is the longest post to put out today 3 hours. I leave out the msg really bad for you
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