I know I'm nuts, but HOW MUCH?


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I am brand, spanking new at this chicken raising experience. I've been building my coop for several weekends and will finally finish it up this weekend. I've had my four new chicks for 9 days now. When I bought them, impulsively BEFORE I had the planned brooder set up (and boy did I set that up fast when I got home with the babies), I had to really restrain myself so I didn't buy six instead of four.

I want to go back and get two more. I have a Brahma, a Plymouth Rock-Barred, an Ameraucana, and a RIR. I think I want an Orpington of some type (buff, or whatever), and a Golden or Silver Laced Wyandotte. Or maybe a Maran?


Any and all suggestions welcomed. I'm so new, I'm SURE I should stick with just these four. But......
I would get the Silver Laced Wyandotte, just because they are so pretty. I just love the way mine is looking since she is feathering out nicely.
Then I would get a Buff Orp. because a lot of people say they are real sweat and great layers.
Congratulations on your new babies!

You had way more will power than me when you picked them up. I went to get 6 and came home with 13. But I have since grown to 20 and am figuring out how I can make my coop bigger to add a few more in. All of this happened since May 1 of this year!
<-------------------------------you're this nuts---------------------------->

and so are the rest of us.

definitely get Orps. i have blues, blacks, buffs and splashes and they are all loverly!

should i box some up and head to your house then???? the blues are very lacy looking. the blacks deep and have a gorgeous beetle sheen. um, you'll need a buff to kick it old school. let's see, the splash will just give you that 'what in the world?' feel. just pm the addy and i'll get in the car then.....
You do realize who your asking right?!
Many, many of us here have little to no restraint when it comes to getting more chickens, especially chicks. So, that said, yeah, two, three, four more! What do you have room for? Especially now while the first ones are young and it will be easy to blend the new ones into the group. I started out with two, got 4 more the same afternoon and then a couple more four days later. Once ya start it's kinda hard to stop.


Oh and miss-janye, if your going to drive all that way can you PLEASE stop in at my place too?!
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oh oh oh... get some Orpingtons!

Get as many as you want!

I got my first 8 and now really wuish I got more, but there is always next spring.

I'd get more if I were you... I just would!

Its only too many when you out grow the yard.

Why have four when you could just as easily have six. but really, why not just get 8, thats a nice number, you can share eggs with the neighbors!
Oh just go ahead and get them all!!Once the chicken addiction hits your bloodstream, you are a goner anyway

Go ahead and start planning the second coop too...it is inevitable

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