*I Know silkies are hard to sex but......*

This should clarify things:

I once read a silkie breeder say that at shows she has seen the judge and the breeder arguing over the sex of a silkie that was MUCH older than 3 weeks old. More like months old.

So until they lay or crow you never know.

However, sometimes a pullet or cockerel will appear so "like a pullet or a cockerel" that it is usually true.


We love to guess!! BYC'ers LOVE to guess the gender!!!!!!!!!!!!

With silkies I don't hardly even look at the combs when they are young. I look for streamers, stance, expression, and roo attitude. Even then I am fooled sometimes. And then there are those that I won't even guess on because I cannot tell.
Just curious, what do you mean by expression?

When they look at you like they are large and in charge. But they are a few inches high.

Oh, I know exatly what you mean!

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