I know this is a chicken forum, but my turkeys are having issues walking.


6 Years
Feb 25, 2013
Read the post and watch this video:

So far 12 of my turkeys have hatched. Most of them seem healthy and are walking around just fine, but two of them don't seem to be using their legs. Nothing seems to actually be WRONG with their legs, aside from the fact that their toes may be curled in ever so slightly. There is no reason for them to be scuttling around on their butts and refusing to walk. This video was taken and uploaded using my phone, so I'm not sure why it decided to post inverted. If you can ignore the fact that it's upside down you can see what I'm talking about.
I just hatched baby chickens and one ended up like yours. I exercised the chicks legs and let them have their feet on my finger like they were perching and of course I was holding them. I pulled and exteded their feet like they were stretching and just did little leg exercises. And it a couple of days mine was walking around just fine!

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