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    Jan 5, 2013
    I am not a fb or twitter user. I go here because of shared love of animals. I got too many animal abuse photos and comments that I felt were offensive...AND I called them out. So i had to leave fb.

    Any way I wanted to post my story because I am sad. I accidentally ran over my son's cat. The worse news is he is off at boot camp having a horrible time. He has sent many letters saying he thinks he messed up and he misses home and he is depressed. He has gone to camp every year and never missed me. I know him he is really down and out. Now I go and do this s*&t. I am so depressed. Why did this happen? He has experienced so much loss and heartache. All I had to do was keep his cat safe til he got home and I screwed that up. I cannot tell you how much pain is in my heart right now over this. I can never make it up.

    On top of all this crap his last letter stated that if he did not pass markmanship he would fail boot camp. What a home coming. You failed boot camp and OH Sorry I killed your pet. I hate my self right now. I just wished I had looked under the van. They always lay under the van. I start it. they run. Why did she sit there so long? I sat there a full minute before I backed out? Why does crap like this happen? Why so much pain? Why do I tell him? When?
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    I can't help you with your decision but I feel your pain. I've run over my own pet and nearly nailed one with the tractor. And I've killed a customer's dog when she ran under the hay baler. What the? Why did that dog do that? The only thing I can suggest is to be as honest as possible dealing with your pain and dealing with your son.

    Very sorry for your loss.
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    I am so very sorry this has happened.
    I think I would wait just a day or two until some of the horror of the event has settled away from you. You need to get your breath first.
    My mother took three months to fill me in on my dog, and that was too long.
    You do not want to insult him by making the judgment for him that he can not handle it.
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    I agree. [​IMG]

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