I lost a hen


11 Years
Jun 25, 2008
Wade, Mississippi
I hae been staying with my mom since my husband is out of town as it makes it so much easier with the kids and all. I have however been going home everyday to check on the chickens and the other animals, collect eggs, etc. My son and I went a few minutes ago and when I went into the back yard I noticed a few feathers. I thought nothing of it. Then when I got to the coop, one of my girls was gone. Something got one of my EE's.

I have a small opening across the top of my coop and I am guessing she got out. :thun

Now I am not sure if my dogs, one boston terrier about 7 months and a one bull dog about two, did the deed. I looked all over for remains and only found a few feathers, not near as many as I would think I would have found.

No I only have 10.

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