I made a little (cockerel) friend!


6 Years
Mar 27, 2013
I got all my bantams kind of just for fun, I love bantams but I don't really have a purpose for them and can't keep multiple roosters. Well, one of my bantam cockerels has taken quite a liking to me. I went and sat in the coop and noticed all the bigger pullets were picking on my little silver duckwing bantam. I picked him up and put him on one of the higher roosts and he immediately jumped from there, to my shoulder and made himself very comfy.
Needless to say, if he stays this sweet, I'm definitely keeping this little guy.

I had a Belgian quail d'anvers chick who was the same way - a total mama's boy. He'd ride around on my shoulder and nestle into my hair. Unfortunatley, once he gained his voice, he had to go to a new home. Our town won't allow roosters. I still miss my sweetie.

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