I made chickens spaghetti, but it's not what you think!


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
Tuscaloosa, AL
Ran out of feed this morning, in a hurry to get to church, couldn't go get more, so what to do?
Cook up a quick box of spaghetti...
Watching them eat noodles is beyond hilarious, I highly recommend it
that is the best...........grapes too is pretty good go to the pet shop and buy crickets--- you wil be amazed
Yes it is too funny when you give chickens cooked spaghetti.... mine went crazy, I gave them a little pasta when they were about 9-10 weeks old....
could not stop laughing....They still love pasta but it is a rare treat...
I feed my guys macaroni from those macaroni and cheese boxes...they love it! Also, angel hair and regular spaghetti...
One morning, before I let them out of their pen I seen one hen running back and forth and bobbing her head up and down. At first I thought I'd gotten a crazy chicken, then I realized she was trying to catch a flying bug.LOL
Chickens are so very entertaining!

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