I made it!

My curiosity led me to your post. I assume you mean your move has been completed? Congratulations! That's a lot of moving...did all the critters go with you??? Reading your sig, that's a lot of critters to move. I hope you were able to move them, or that you found them good new homes... edited to add: Oh! Looks like you did get to keep the critters (read further in sig)...YAY! I love the fact that you have a flying squirrel and a chipmunk. I have wanted to tame either one of those for years! (the house I grew up in had flying squirrels in our walls).

Rest up and good to hear you made it.
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I managed to move with everybody in the signature line except that I only took 1 fish (the rest went in the pond) and I left the chipmunk with the same lady that took Lucky Chicken. She will try to get him to hibernate this winter so he can be released next year (which is what I was planning to do and better if it's done close to where he was found)
and my mare, who I am boarding till I can go back and get her.
I had 15 assorted critters in the Suburban, and towing a car hauler with my 49 Plymouth and every inch of extra space crammed with STUFF. It was 14 hours, straight through ( I only stopped for gas and potty breaks) raining almost all the way and I HATE driving at night in the rain, especially unfamiliar roads and towing. But we all made it in one piece.
I have found a job working as a bartender at the VFW. I have some other stuff lined up (better pay and bennies) but it won't start till next month.
We are starting to get the bills caught up from where we were led to believe that the company DH works for (the reason we moved) would help us with relocation. At first we were told they would pay to ship our stuff, then that they would ADVANCE hime the money. He got the advance all right...then they took the entire amount out of his check the following week, which HAPPENED to be the week the rent was due! Then there was the deposits for the utilities here and paying off the current bills in TN.
AND it has been a nightmare trying to get all my utilities, and services re established here. Most of the carriers I had in TN do not operate here. My cell is always roaming (I have Nationwide plan, so no roaming charges. WHEW!) No branch of my bank, MCI doesn't service here and AT&T only has wireless. DirecTV is here but they forgot to bring my DVR upgrade when they installed, now I have to wait till Sept 29th for that. HughesNet just managed to mess things up everyway possible and I JUST got it back on yesterday and in the meantime, having no access to my accounts made several bill fall behind, including my cell which is now cut off so I will have to pay a reconnection fee. Same thing with my PeoplePc email acct. *SIGH* Have I mentioned how much I *HATE* moving!??!
But all in all, it has turned out ok, despite all the roadblocks and last minute problems.
I have gotten unpacked to the point I can see floor both in the house and the garage, I've got my "Garage-In-A-Box" up and housing my Plymouth, and have added another cat to the zoo!
DH's boss found a 2 week old kitten at a job site and brought it to me. (he called DH who was working on a different site, and he just told him to swing by the house and drop it off) We got a lot of rain from Hurrican Gustav and I think it must have gotten lost when the momma moved the litter. At least I hope she got the rest moved! They looked but didn't see any signs of any others and this one was down in a pile of rocks. We've named her Monkey, cuz she climbs everything and loves to cling to your neck.
I guess one of the first things that got set up here was the magic sign that says :"ALL STRAYS WELCOME HERE!"
Whew! I am tired just reading that. I hope you get some rest time too. It sounds like you are keeping up an awesome attitude despite all the hang ups of moving. That's a rare gift. It's also a gift to be able to take in all those homeless critters.

Glad to hear you are settling in. Enjoy your new place!

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