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    Anybody remember when I majorly stalked this section, then I looked at the quail section and said :hmm I dont need to build another pen. Well now im thinking about getting some pheasants. I remember nothing. So here...
    How much sq ft per bird?
    What size wire should I use?
    What is the male to female ratio?
    Thankyou guys!

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    depends on what type of pheasant. i assume you are thinking ringneck though? if ringneck, isn't there a sticky for it?
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    Quote:Im talking Ornamental AND ringneck. The ringneck sticky doesnt answer the questions I posted on here. Can you keep ornamental and ringneck together? Thankyou - Brian
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    In this thread (post #9) is a great list of recommended sizes for different pheasants. Hope that helps.


    I used 2X4 welded wire for mine, but something pulled two of my goldens against the fence and killed them (did not get inside). My neighbor is convinced it is weasels. The trap will tell, I hope. Mostly my fault, I am afraid. I had put a log in there that they were resting next to, and it was near the outside fence. I have rearranged so that all of the cover is in the middle or along the "inside" lengths of fence.

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    Quote:The more room you can give the better.
    What size have you to play with or afford to wire up etc.

    World Pheasant association.
    Aviary size is important to most species if they are to breed successfully, In the case of the smaller species, such as the golden pheasant, a minimum size of 3m long by 2m wide, plus a shelter 1m deep by 2m wide, will satisfy one pair and for the larger species, the minimum should be double that size. The Aviary should be at least 2m high to allow a person to walk around, the sides preferably, should be covered in galvanised wire of 25mm mesh, to keep out sparrows and other vermin, with at least 15cm sunk into the ground and a further 30cm coming out flat at right angles underground. This prevents rats and other mammals digging under the netting.


    I use 1inch wire.

    Ratio can be 2 hens to 1 cock in a pen or more hens depending on your goals.
    With more agressive breeds its good to have a few hens so one dont take all the aggression.

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