I must be crazy.

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    I used to live with my mother on a farm. She raised chickens and cattle. At that time I thought a chicken was something you eat, and also had the eggs. Chickens were nothing special, but I loved the cows and calves.

    About one and a half months ago, I brought 75 chickens. They are doing great. Cute little things too.

    Well, today, I was offered anywhere from one to twelve Spanish Black Bronze Turkey chicks for $8.00 each...unless I wanted all twelve, then the price was $6.00 each.

    Should I or should I not buy a turkey or two or all of them? Is $8.00 a good price. Will they be okay with my precious little chicks? What are the good and bad points on this particular turkey.

    My husband thinks I am crazy. He just doesn't understand. [​IMG]
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    Youd have better luck posting this in the other poultry section a couple lines above this section...this section is for the buying and selling of birds/eggs. I dont know the answer to your question, but someone there will.
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    Are they Black Spanish or Bronze poults? They are two distinct breeds, so they may be selling a cross. $8 for purebreds isn't a great deal, but it isn't dreadful. I wouldn't pay it for a cross, since you can get purebreds for the same price, possibly less.

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