I need a 12 step program


Oct 2, 2017
New Hampshire
I have 10 chickens I know that really isn't a lot.
But now I have 4 ready to hatch in 7, days
I couldn't help it, 3 are from my very first chicken I ever own Sally my NH red
And zeus my lt brahma
The other is from my golden laced wyandotte and zeus

I have plans to have Sally's bloodline go on forever gonna put it in my will that my kids and grandkids must keep a chicken from Sally's bloodline rofl

Could you imagine?? My kids would kill me lol

I am already thinking about putting my polish frizzle roo and polish golden laced eggs in , in the spring lol

It's hard when I collect eggs and think oooh there's probably a baby in there let's find out, and what will it look like

It like opening those LOL dolls my granddaughter likes hahaha
1. Incubate more eggs
2. Buy chicks
3. Incubator more eggs
4. Order more chicks
5.visit tractor supply and buy more chicks
6. Incubate eggs
7. Start another incubator as soon as the last are finished hatching
8. Buy more chicks
9. Order more chicks
10. Incubate again
11. Broody hatch
12. Well choose one of the above
13. Repeate

Rofl love it!!!
They are sooo addicting, aren’t they? I thought it was nonsense this addiction to chickens. Boy was I wrong! I got my first batch of 10 (5 red sex link and 5 black jersey giants) and a year and a half later I have a total of 21 chickens not including guineafowl and will most likely keep growing! (I’ve lost 3 of my originals and a good handful of chicks).

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