I need a Chicken whisperer!


6 Years
May 26, 2013
spokane washington
So.... we had two happy hens that were best buds. A raccoon (I think) ate parts of one. she died. Alberta, the survivor, has PTSD and is acting very strange. She stopped roosting in her tractor. I believe the raccoon killed the one he while she was roosting while Alberta was laying. I figured the best solution was to get her some new buddies. I went to the farm where I got the original 2 chickens and got two more. Turns out I was wrong. All three are about the same age, same breed, BR, from the same farm. The survivor Alberta, beats up her new friends. She still wont roost in her tractor.
She was roosting in the tractors before the attack, after the attack she roosts on my deck. The two new chickens want to be friends with Alberta, and she hates them. I have to put each chicken in the tractor by hand.
I don't mind the act of putting them to bed at night, they do end up hurting them selves when the roost on my deck, but I really just want all three to be friends. Actually, I want Alberta to stop beating up my new hens.
Alberta, kicks the new chicks off the roost, wont let them eat, and is generally a bully. I had a talk with her and it did not seem to help.
Put Alberta in a place by herself for a week, where they can't see each other. When you return her to the tractor, hopefully the other two will then be in charge and Alberta will be at the bottom of the pecking order.

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