i need a duck!!


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Jan 11, 2010
the ducky room
Duckie needs a wife. i already know what i want.. it's just a matter of finding her.. I want to get a white pekin for him. yeahhh i know they ducklings will be muts, but i really want a white duck and it's a bit too soon for me to turn around and get a white scovy after the loss of my baby girl. also i have been wanting a pekin for awhile now.. before i even got duckie and quackers.. i have seen someone on craigslist post ads for pekins, but they never answer or return my call (yes i leave messages with my name and number). so if anyone knows anyone selling any pekins around the southern california/inland empire area please let me know... obviously i need a FEMALE lol

thanks guys.
Sad to see this post as it means that you have not been able to find your beautiful quackers.
Hope someone can help you out with a pekin soon though.
no i haven't seen her anywhere
check out photos on facebook.. duckie and i had a photoshoot.. he's so sad. when i first went out there he was in her house.. ehhh i guess i could upload pictures here. he took a funny one.. we both miss quackers very much!!
I live in Southern California and i'm putting an order for pekins soon, and two other people are sharing an order with me because of the ad i posted on craigslist.
I think sometime in June. Would you be intersted in a duckling? or are you looking to get a full grown one?
Hi have you looked at petfinder.com? I sometimes see them on there. They are mostly rescues.
I will check out petfinder! And I will put an ad on craigslist. I have the room, just not sure what my parents would say.. I have 3 girls right now but 2 are mallards.. Much too small for my scovy boy and the other is his daughter.. Soo no inbreeding at my house lol. But I will talk to them and we shall see. I'm just really nervous about introducing new ducks!
Aww Honey, I'm so so sorry that Quackers hasn't come home :-(
It's perfectly ok for Duckie and his daughter to be mates but getting a Pekin as well is a good idea, the more gals he has the happier he'll be :)

i know it's probably okay, but the idea just yeah haha doesn't sit right with me lol. i am really sad my beauty is gone, but i have a lot of pictures of her!! some even framed. i am still really sad, but i don't want to let it get me down. i have her little clone (alicia). i am going to throw the idea of getting 2 girls for him at my parents..

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