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    I have some chickens I got last week and one of them is acting strange. Size wise she's the size of a normal hen, but weight wise she almost don't have a body. I don't know if she even weighs 2 lbs. This morning everybody else came out of the coop but her. I looked in and she was standing in p;ace with her eye shut, and about every 10 seconds she would shake her head and make a squealing sound. I've not had a chicken act like this before.

    When she does get outside she will get in one spot with her head pulled down into her shoulders and pretty much stay's in that position.

    Anybody have any idea what's going on?

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    Is there something wrong with the way her eyes look?
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    I had a hen that did that. I brought her inside the house and put her in the bathtub on some pee pads with food and water. The next day she laid an egg and then she just got better. I guess mine was having trouble laying an egg. Hope your hen get well soon!
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    It sounds like this chicken is wasting away. There could be a number or reasons for that.
    Not eating is the obvious one either because she is unwell or being bullied.
    A disease or virus.
    A blockage in her digestive system.
    Worms or coccidiosis
    are other possibilities

    More information about her would be useful...
    For instance:-

    How old is she? Has she started laying yet?
    Has she been wormed and was she vaccinated for Mareks as a chick?
    What does her poop look like?
    Is she eating?
    Is she wheezing or screaming? ...The head shaking can sometimes be associated with a respiratory infection. Do her eyes look right? Is there froth in the corners of them?

    When chickens get to this stage of hunching up and acting sick they are usually pretty unwell, as they will try hide their illness for as long as possible to prevent being picked on by other members of the flock. Sometimes they will even pretend to be eating but if you watch closely they just pick up and then drop the food or peck at it but not take it into their mouths.
    Putting her in a warm place (ideally on a heat pad) should perk her up a little and then see if you can get some nourishment into her.... I find scrambled egg and natural yoghurt with some of their regular feed mixed in to a porridge sort of consistency, is a good way to tempt them. If she won't eat then you may need to consider tube feeding her as she will just get weaker and eventually die if you can't get food into her. Also important to get her to drink of course.
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