I need a picture of a chick splint so I can make one!

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    My chick was born with a slipped achilles tendon, I wrapped it last week and couldn't straighten it as much as I wanted without cutting off the circulation. So now that it is a little straighter I want to try to bandage the foot. I saw the orthopedic website but there was no detailed explaination or pictures available (that I could find). I was hoping somewhere out in the BYC someone could explain in detail or have a pic of the splint that I need to do. OTherwise, I will be giving my best guess! Thanks!!

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    The following is what DCT shared with me, she has had such a lot of experience with orthopedic problems and is so knowledgeable as you could see from her site.

    "The Achilles tendon can be displaced while a
    bird is kicking its way out of eggshell.
    Sometimes if you catch it right after it happens
    you can put a thumb on one side and a finger
    on the other and very gently squeeze the tendon
    to the center and the cure will seem just like a

    In another instance, she had a chick that developed twisting of the tibia after a couple of weeks and this is what she said on that,

    "Each night for five nights I wrapped one leg in
    sponge to prevent bruising (does NOT matter which
    leg) and then taped both legs firmly together
    DOING THIS--drowning can happen.
    I removed tape and sponge each morning so that
    she could eat and drink all day.
    Also have used a "sponge brace" on individuals
    that were harder to treat. This is a piece of
    sofa cushion sponge cut to fit between the legs
    with a leg shaped channel cut to help keep this
    in position. Tape is wrapped around it, too.
    There is no way to be certain about this but I strongly
    suspect that physical stress on the leg causes
    inflamation. This could cause uneven growth in a
    bone that is very tender in its fast growing stage.
    Dealing with twisted tibia has been very frustrating
    and it took a while for me to understand that there
    was a twisted bone. If I had known about this
    sooner it would have helped poor Murphy Peacock.
    "experience is something that you get right
    AFTER you needed it"!!!!

    If "have a fit" means a wing flapping frantic struggle--
    then, yes. When legs are taped this way the chick
    can NOT stand up. This method is for birds in first
    three weeks of life. After that the "sponge brace"
    is better. It is basically the same thing except for
    the adding of the carved sponge material putting
    legs a bit farther apart permitting the bird to walk
    after it gets used to it. The sponge can be carved
    to put pressure where it is needed."

    Personally, I have not had good luck with slipped tendons and that is why I sought DCT's advice. Good luck, and please PM me if any of these work for you, I would be interested in knowing.
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    I assume I would tape it at the bottom toward the toes? I also have to make a chick shoe. Basically I need it to lengthen the leg out and flatten the toes...I was thinking I could just splint it straighter to match the other leg, then it will be able to walk..I guess?
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    Thanks, I found that site before, but then couldn't find it again! Wish me luck as I am going to re-wrap the leg today. I just want it to be able to walk normally for once, feel bad watching it hop around and stumble all the time.
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    Quote:Fingers, toes and wings crossed here.....

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