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Apr 19, 2022
Hello chicken friends. I am a new chick mama to 15 ten week o!d chicks. I finally finished the coop and run 2 weeks ago and moved them outside but apparently I made a terrible mistake because I put them in the run first instead of the coop. After letting them run around for an hour or so I did put them in the coop but within 15 minutes they were panting and looked distressed so I took them out of the coop. Fast forward 2 weeks and my birds won't go into the coop at night. They all pile up in the area under the coop and go to sleep. Them my sweet husband gets down on his knees and hands me each chick and I "help" them into the coop. They seem happy to go in as long as I put them in the doorway to their coop. I've had people tell me that they will figure it out soon but I don't see any change in their behavior and I am at a loss as to what to do. I have tried giving them treats in the coop but that doesn't seem to be working. A neighbor suggested I leave them inside the coop for a few days but I think it's too hot during the day. Any Ideas? Suggestions? I need some shared wisdom because I'm at a loss right now and this is a bit tiresome. Thank you!!
Sounds like the coop is too hot. Do you have a thermometer and can you get a measurement of how hot it is inside the coop vs outside?

Any photos of your set up? Is it well ventilated and does it have natural (or artificial) light available at dusk so birds can see to go in and navigate? How large is the coop?
Welcome to BYC. Where, in general, are you? Climate matters, especially when it comes to housing, so if you put your location into your profile people can give better-targeted advice.

Photos would definitely be helpful.

If you have adequate ventilation the temperature inside the coop will be the same as the outside temperature. Here's my article on ventilation: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/37/4e/1c/374e1c2e1e092ea886b5ece5a2a43f20.jpg

Temperature aside, chicks always take time to figure out where they're supposed to go to bed when they don't have adults teaching them. :)

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