I need advice on adding new chickens to my flock.


8 Years
Oct 21, 2011
I am planning on selling/trading some of my 20 week old chicks and 1 year old chickens and I want to know is it a good idea to buy almost adult chickens to add to my flock and how to add to new chickens to my flock. I also want to know will people buy adult birds from you.
I would be careful with casually trading/bringing new birds into your flock. Many end up with lice, mites, or worse (disease and respir. infections) if they're not careful. Really look potential newbies over closely for bugs and health in general. New birds should be quarantined away from your current flock for several weeks to give a chance for disease/illnesses that haven't shown themselves yet a chance to do so without infecting your own flock. When you're talking potential disease, chicks are a better option. However, POL birds save you in time and feed. Pros and cons to each.
Depending on your breeds and their quality, and of course your prices, it's usually pretty easy to sell young pullets/hens. Males aren't so easy, unless they're just utterly gorgeous or of great quality.

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