I need details about feeding yogurt


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I tried yogurt last night. Had to take a shower and wash my hair and clean my glasses when I was done, but it was hilarious. I have 5 chicks that I am watching very closely with the drunk-acting thing. I thought I'd try a little yogurt on my fingers for them, so I held them in one hand and put yogurt in the other. First couple didn't care for it, then they figured it out. Slung it everywhere though. I think they really liked it. For the other,more hardy ones, I mixed it with their crumbles and made what looked like spitballs and stuck them on the side of their tub. They have been so curious about any speck they see I thought that would be fun. It sounded like it was being shot with pellets they were hitting it so hard. They picked every little speck off the side of the tub. When I put it in the dish they ended up wearing it. When i put it on the side they ate every drop. It's about time to try again. This time I putting on an old shirt and a hat.
Wait until you give a bowl full to a crowd of adult chickens!

Here is some advise:
(1) wear a rain coat

(2) Pick a spot to set the bowl down BEFORE you go into the pen

(3) quickly walk in and stop at that spot

(4) put the bowl down

(5) RUN!!
Does anyone else feed yogurt? I got the idea from here but wondered how many others feed it too. My 14 or so chicks have gone through a quart of plain yogurt mixed with their crumbles in two days. I don't think they are wasting much because of the way I feed it. They love eating it off the walls of the tub so that's how they get it. They just walk around pecking it off. They look for more when it's all gone. Hilarious;)

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