I need Feathers !!!


8 Years
May 4, 2011
Cleveland , Georgia
I can't pluck any off my birds thought about it and just can't lol and I'm not finding any feathers laying around with all the rain and wind I need some light colored not black but pretty much any other colors I'm making late christmas presents for some friends who helped my family out without them we wouldn't have had a christmas at all ! if anyone can help me out I dont mind buying them just need them in the next week or so please let me know thanks
thanks bellyshell
I was going to put them in clear glass christmas ornaments with a poem as angel feather but since christmas is over I'm going to put them in little jars
If youre interested in some white Silkie fluff, I can bring some if we meet up for the chickens on Wednesday. Its a couple handfuls of white fluff, and some other small fluffy feathers that I found in the yard that hasnt blown away with all this wind...
I have tons, just cant bear to throw the pretty ones away. Where do I send them.

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