i need help asap. umbilical cord?

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    excuse my bad english but i'm italian.. one of my eggs hatched 1hr ago and is still attached to the shell/membrane by what it seems to be the umbilical cord. i'm not sure if to cut it or not. 'cause it is a little bit veiny and i'm afraid he would bleed to death. what i have to do? he is mooving, resting, singing, mooving, restig ecc.. he is alive and in good conditions except for the cord. i'd like to start feeding them but i'm afraid he can made a mess bringing the shell with himself and it also make some movments difficult for the baby
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    Your English is fine, please don't worry about that :D

    Sometimes this can happen but once the chick has been hatched for a few hours it should dry up and it will detach from the egg. If there is still the cord attached to the chick it will be fine to leave and will naturally fall off. Please don't be tempted to pull at the cord as this could cause problems in the umbilical area for the chick.

    Good luck with your chick.
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