I need help figuring out several birds. please help :)


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Jan 20, 2016

Goldie Thomas/ Im not sure he is a he Perch/Breed?
Breed? Breed?

Hawkeye ^ Indie ^

Black Jack^

Pretty Lady ^^


If anyone can tell me anything about what these ladies and gent? is i would greatly appreciate it!
Im a noob with chickens, Ive raised over half of them from babies. But now Id like to know what they are.

thanks in advance
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Goldie- What type of cone does she have?
Thomas- He is a he and I'm not sure what breed
Perch- Perch looks like she could be the same breed as Thomas
Indie- (is she the white one with some black speckles?) I think it is a mix
Blackjack- looks like a Black sex-link
Hawkeye- looks like a Black sex-link
Pretty lady- It looks like she is a Leghorn but what color are her earlobes? If they are red she is probably a White Plymouth rock if they are white then she is a Leghorn
Hedwig- She looks like a Silkie cross


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You have a flock of mixed breed birds. Most are mixed enough they're likely mixes of mixes, true Barnyard Specials.

Goldie is mixed enough no specific breed stands out. I'm inclined to say she has some buff Orpington, but the white legs of that breed are usually dominant and carry down through several generations.

Thomas, also a mix. He could have something barred a few generations back in the ancestry, as well as maybe some Orpington, but i have no idea where those white earlobes came from

Perch is a little easier, she has some markers that show silkie blood. Probably not a first generation, but somewhere recently she had a silkie ancestor. Same for Hedwig.

The black hens with red throats/chests could be black sex links, or they could be random mixes of a black bird with a red bird. Same results, basically.

Prettylady looks like a white Leghorn, but I'd sure expect her to have a larger comb and earlobes. She may be mixed with something else, those Leghorn genes can be strongly dominant.


Not sure on this bird's name, but she's also a mix. Some barring back a ways, hard to tell what else.

Overall, they make a cute flock
. Myself, I love having birds that don't look just like everyone else's.


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Jan 20, 2016
This is Hawkeye. she has reddish brown spots in her wing feathers. shes only about 5-6 months old, she grew faster than all the other babies, and is now the second biggest bird i have. when she was a baby she was all off white with a lil grey head with blackish and brown/red streaks.

i cant find her anywhere. lol

Is the ear lobe that colored tufft of fluff by there eye? cause if it is pretty lady has white ears.

and sorry about the way all the pics loaded with their names, kinda messed them up a lil.

Im excited! SO TOM IS A BOY???

Indie and Black Jack are the all black with red chests. sorry bout that.

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