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    She is alive, wow. But she's pretty tore up on her back and her neck. The one at her tail area, you can see cartilage. Her neck is to the bone. What do I need to get from the pharmacy, I have Alban for antibiotic till I can get to TSC on Monday. My neighbor might have soem tetracycline. She is shaking so bad, I have a sun lamp on her to warm her up. My own effen dogs did this! I don't even know where they got out! I have to search the fence still. I don't know if my kids moved something when they were out playing... I am so mad right now.

    Should i see if she will make it thru the night or should I put her down? I feel so awful right now. And my dogs know they did bad, cuz they are skulking around.

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    I would clean the wounds with saline preferably or 50% hydrogen peroxide and water solution. Then apply antibiotic ointment(no pain killer type).Give her electrolytes, sugar and vitamins in her water. Protein will help her heal, scrambled eggs or chopped, cooked meat scraps. Good luck. Sorry for your hen.
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    I'm not a chicken expert, just an animal lover. Please put her down if she's suffering. I'm so sorry this happened but it hurts my heart to know an animal is suffering.
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    If she's shaking so much, I'm certain she's in shock. I would put her down without second thought. I'm so sorry.
    My dog took one of my showgirls before and I had to have her put down and I still hold a grudge against that dog.

  5. Any particular brand anitbiotic ointment? Triple type?
  6. deerman

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    Sad but true best to put her down.......she need stiched up ,or take to a vet........
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    Yes, triple is good. You can give her part of an aspirin for pain, crush and dissolve in water. Antibiotics would be a good idea as well. Chickens are amazingly tough. I have seen worse looking ones than that survive and recover. If you feel she is suffering to much, do put her down. Keep her warm, lots of fluids.

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    Quote:If you decide to go that route use plain antibiotic ointment, not the kind with pain reliever in it as birds systems cannot handle it. Those are wounds that would need to be stitched up by a vet as Deerman mentioned and she will have to be stabilized from the shock before that can be done. That neck wound look's very bad. Chickens can heal from horrific wounds but in this case I would either have her to the vet or put her down.
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    I answered you in our Michigan thread, but I came here to see the advice others had. Looking at the wounds, I think she has a great chance to survive.Carmen lost her entire back skin/fat and survived, grew, thrived and became the best bird ever. Antibiotics are a benefit. Same with the scrambled eggs- i had forgotten about feeding those.

    Those wounds need to stay clean and moist. They seem too large for peroxide, and thankfully she isnt packed with mud and dirt. If you can get those moleskin/nu-skin fake skin sheets to put over the wounds, that is going to be best. Then wrap with rolled gauze. If not, use neosporin and nonstick 4 by 4s. then rolled gauze or soft-cling. Her neck wound will need especially extra care to be kept covered. It will get dirtier- with food, etc. Just be sure you dont wrap the neck too tightly so you dont' asphyxiate her.

    Good luck.
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  10. Yup, treat her with the ointment that has been reccommended and put her in a quiet place. Most of the time they will gather themselves and recover. No vet, no stress, just ointment and solitude. She may not eat for a few days and you may have to dip her beak a few times a day to hydrate her, but she should be fine as long as her lungs are not pierced. If they are, you can hear rattleing or wheezing. If not, leave her alone..........Pop

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