I need help with my chicken eggs


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Jul 26, 2008
I am about to throw all my eggs away. I have for the past month having been getting chicken eggs that are full of blood, not spot but full of blood. I collect them once a day and it is not hot about 70 outside if it gets hot i collect twice a day. Theses eggs look bloody with like a blood clot or a dark blood. It maybe a forming chick but i have no clue on how. I put them in the fridge after i collect them. I am getting grossed out. I get at least 6-8 eggs like this a day. Any ideas on what this is would be very helpfully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From what I can tell by reading on line, it's a ruptured blood vessel that happened when they egg was forming in the hen. Got mixed answers about eating it or not. (I don't think I could/would) but it's normal, and NOT an aborted chick. I'd keep an eye out for which hen it is. If she doesn't out grow this, she may need to be culled.
I'm really new to chickens and haven't seen more than the normal blood spots so I don't have any advice for you - but I'm really curious to hear what the more experienced members have to say. The fact that you're getting 6 a day suggests to me that it's either something with the feed or something infectious, unless there's a normal explanation for it.

It sounds like you're getting a lot of blood in the eggs instead of just a normal blood or meat spot? Is it attached to the yolk? Can you post a picture? or if not, estimate how much blood you're seeing in the eggs? Good luck and keep us posted!
From what i have studied some answer i have found could be vitman A definece. How do u give vitmans? There is no yolk just blood and clear liquid mixed togther. There is not a form of a chick at all. One i opened tonight had look like veins on the shell but went nowhere. I have looked at how chicks are made and what they look like in stages and it looks like none of that. i know it looks gross and have not found much info on it. And now my chickens are molting so i get 2 eggs a day out 26 chickens but i think i need a break anyways this is just gross and not quiting. I have had theses chickens for 2 years and 6 months but the younger ones are not laying yet so i know it is a older chicken. I have learned to break them one at a time.I tried to float them to see if it would make a difference and it does not float.
I don't know the answer to your question, but to get some answers from the more experienced/knowledgeable members here, i would suggest changing the topic title of this thread to something more specific, like "Freshly Laid Eggs Filled With Blood," or something like that to attract more attention.

I hope you find your answer, and i'll be following so i can learn. I haven't read/heard about this before.
Then it may be that one of your older hens is nearing the end of her laying cycle? I know that they start laying funky eggs like pullets will lay "practice" eggs and no shelled eggs.

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