I need help with my dog ASAP! :(


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Nov 11, 2008
Is it possible that a non-pregnant dog has milk in her nipples? I noticed that they were a bit larger than normal and I squeezed one and milk came out! she doesn't look pregnant. She was with another dog (male) about december but she doesn't look pregnant. She's a little bit chubby than normal but we know she's not pregnant because last time she was pregnant she was extremely large. So can she have milk even though she's not preggo? thanks for any advice
Yep preggo! You better get the whelping box together, probally will be soon. She might not look as pregnant due to this being a second litter, first litters they look huge.
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if it turns out that she's preggo..... I hope she only has like 3 pups! not 5 like last time
I am pretty sure dogs can have false pregnancies and will even produce a slight bit of milk. But I wouldn't be taking any chances... get that whelping box ready!!
should I seperate her from my other dog? I don't know what breed she is but she's a little bit bigger than my 'Preggo' chihuahua.
Yes they can have false pregnancies, I had one with my little chi she produced milk and everything. Also growing up we had a poodle that produced milk when a kitten we had started suckling her. She had had puppies in the past so she had no problem becoming a wet nurse for the kitten.

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