I need help with my run


9 Years
May 6, 2010
SW Iowa
I have 15 layers and a rooster. I have a nice run for them. The only thing is it is not covered. We couldn't afford to do that yet this year. I live in a small rural town but still in town. Some of my chickens have started flying over the top and proceed to take off all over. My rooster goes out sometimes too but unless the girls are out I can get him right back in because he is afraid of me.

Is there anything I can do short of covering it to discourage them from flying over until next year when I can fix this problem? I pull grass for them, give them treats I just don't know what else to do. Can I tie anything to the top that would flap that would keep them in?
U don't say how big ur run is. Depending on size u could run wire or even string in a crisscross pattern. If u have left over chicken wire u could tack it to the top of ur fence & bend it in at an angle. Hope this helps.
you could also clip wings, if done properly it wont hurt (like cutting fingernails) and their feathers will grow back after molt. its cost effective, i have one wild leghorn that i have to keep her wings clipped or she flying into the neighbors yard, over the 6 foot fence! i googled it, and it wasnt hard to do either
a 10x10 I think. It is not huge but they have been happy in it. They just like to get out and forage. I have a big yard and if they would just stay in my yard that would be great but it is also not fenced and they just take off. Always come back at dark. Now tonight I just let them out again right before I closed the coop for about 20 to 30 minutes and they stay fairly close.
I use bird netting to cover some of my runs - more to keep the hawks out than the birds in but both works!

Cheap, easy to install and remove, available at hardware stores...
Here is a picture that is part of the run. As you can see we made the gate out of part of the fencing and my coop door is a full size door that I walk up into. So I have to be able to open and close the gate and walk in and out of the coop.


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