I need help with purchasing true AMERAUCANAS


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I have been looking and looking for ameraucanas. I live in upstate New York and I need chicks not eggs. I dont have a incubater. I found a guy near rochester but he didnt send me very good pictures so I cant really tell if they are true ameraucanas. His name is Jeff and his farm is called the chicken ranch. Has any one heard of him? I really hate to drive so far only to find out they are not true ameraucanas. Thank you for any input.
Well, I can tell you he isn't on the ameraucana breeder list. This does not mean he doesn't have true ameraucana, but being there would have guaranteed he did. Sorry I can't be of more help....
Did you try John Blehm at chickhatchery.com? He sells chicks yearly.
He has already sold out for the year.I recently picked up a black rooster from last springs hatchings and went to his site to try to get more.
I have gone thru the ameraucana breeder list there is only a few that are close to me and they are all sold out. I worry about shipping chicks from futher away, but maybe I will have to chance it. I dont want to end up with EE's Thanks for your responses.
John Blehm is sold out of LF, maybe totally. You have to order early to get chicks from him.

Did you try Harold Knapp, he is in New York, and is the North Eastern District Director. Maybe he could point you in the right direction
I did talk with Harold and he was wonderful, he talked with me for a while and answered some of my questions. He gave me two names and they both where not selling this year. I started a little late I guess for the season, but its my first year so live and learn!
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I have received chicks from all over the U.S. They all arrived safe. Lost only 4 total out of 6 orders of 25.
I am a member of the Ameraucana and Araucana clubs. Most will only sell a min. of 25 because of warmth.
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Hi Andreab,

You didn't mention what variety you're looking for. That might help me point you in the right direction.

I have WBS Ameraucanas. I may be able to get you some chicks but I'm nt sure if I'll ship chicks this year or not and I won't have any available until probably the end of April as I'm booked on hatching eggs until the end of this month. Then I start loading the incubator for myself.

You can see my birds and eggs on my website. Depending on the variety you want, I can maybe help you.

God Bless,

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