I need help with sexing!!

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Okay, well my dad and I are supposed to go over to some guys house that has 2 week old Welsh Harlequins that we are going to buy. Well My dilemma is that I only want like 3 girls and 1 boy, I think I know how to sex, you hold them upside down and then bring their tail back and find their vent and then spread? or squeeze? I really don't want to end up with a whole bunch of drakes because I've been wanting Welsh Harlequins, and if I get drakes I'll have to get rid of them. So is their anyway to easily sex them or anybody that can teach me how to vent sex? I'm only 13 so small words please!

Thank you all!
Ive whatched that before, but do you still do it the same with 2 week olds? because last time i "tried" to sex i said they were all female (3of them) and 2 turned out to be males, so i dont know if i was doing it wrong, because i was just spreading the vent and not working my fingers close to it and just kept going further away, not hurting them, but i dont know so i guess ill just try to see..Is there any behavior i should look for?
Sometimes its easier when someone is holding the bird and you can take one hand an push down the tail feathers at a 90˚ angle and take the other hand and spread, not push, the vent open. I usually try and open it and look three times before switching to a new duck, and if nothing...you know "appears" and you think its a female i usually go back and double check. Good luck!
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