i need help


Aug 10, 2016
i think this started 5 days or LESS. 1 or 2 of my chickens are pooping red blood But only 1 is puff up not eating or drinking and

staying in 1 spot for the moment and the others might do the same. i have 5 chickens total and all are about im guessing 3-4 weeks

old. maybe older or less. i might be missing some info but i will tell my story best way that i can. please help me with the blood

chicken and ask me anything too. i feed them Chick Starter Medicated by mannapro. i dont clean there water everyday until night

time so THEY do drink there nasty until night time which i know is bad too. the chicken feed have Medicated (with Amprolium)

complete crumble for chicks for 0 to 8 weeks. i bought these at the store and i think this might be the cause too:Happy Hen Treats

Chicken Mealworm Frenzy. like i said i might miss something so help me.
Suspect coccidiosis. Get Corid, look up dosage here on BYC. You have to act fast. Filthy water is unacceptable. If you can't change it often you need to get a nipple waterer for them.

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