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    May 27, 2016
    I hatched 2 chickens in my classroom last April. They are not the same breed but hatched the same day. They have been living in my backyard ever since they were ready to be outside. Today i had a tragic event happen. My daughters friend's dog attacked and killed one of them. We are worried about the remaining chicken. This is my first experience with chickens and do not know how bonded they get. My daughter is willing to re-home her if that is the best thing for her. I also don't want to further traumatize her by leaving "home". Please inform me on the chicken psyche. AND what our next steps should be...
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    Apr 3, 2011
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    Chickens really need to be around other chickens. I would recommend getting a couple of hens her age, and that can be something that some would help you out locally if you post on your state thread. Many people who hatch chicks have too many in the fall, and like to reduce numbers over winter. I have given people hens just to rehome a young rooster in autumn. Try posting on your local state thread by entering "state threads" in the search box top of this page. If you would prefer to rehome your hen, then many with backyard chickens probably would take her for free. Just make sure if yiu take in new chickens to ask questions about health, and look them over for any symptoms of illness. Keeping them in quarantine for 30 days is a good idea. Sorry for your loss.

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