I Need Help


10 Years
May 5, 2009
Lexington, TX
Can anyone help me determine the sex of these Silver Appleyard ducks? These are my first ducks and I have no idea. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I would say the top one is a drake. Has a small curl on the tail, darker head and greenish beak. The other two are hens.

Just my guess.
How old are they? 4 - 5 months? That drake won't look like a drake with full coloring until 7 - 9 months old. He should grow much larger than the females and his tail will get a curl to it.
Your ducks are about 2 1/2 weeks older than mine
and i agree, you are lucky! I love it when the odds work out in our favor. from the ducklings i kept from my july hatch I have one male and two females!! Plus the scovie i bought that conveniently turned out to be a girl.
Those are some beauties. You do have a drake and two ducks! That is awesome! I have had a bumper year for females too. Every hatch I have done has been 50-70% girls. It seldom seems to happen that way!
That little tail curl gives it away. His head should turn green over the next month or so. Handsome fellow....and the girls are gorgeous!

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