I need ideas for a fast growing, trellis climbing, flowering plant...


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We have a gap in between our fences on our property border that i'm looking to close up using a trellis and a flowering, climbing plant of some type..
Any ideas?
I love my neighbors,.. but sometimes i dont want to look at them.. :lol:
Do you want it to be in foliage all the time?

I loved my climbing Hydrangea vine, and I planted a Clematis with it..the two were beautiful together. Akebia vnes grow very fast, have fragrant flowers and interesting fruits.
I was thinking about growing some sort of vine up and on top of my run. Can chickens eat these? Also thought about transplanting grapes... as i have lots of them.
Most of it is going to be toxic to chickens. Grapes are cool growing over the run, but can get heavy.

We just put in Chinese Wisteria... I heard it grows like crazy. It does, has grown a foot since it's been in the ground! Because it has a woody stalk, it will split wood and destroy lattice... we're hoping maybe it'll take the shape of the archway and we can pull the wood out. Or something.

Morning Glory grows like crazy too. Clematis is nice as well.

Most anything fast-growing you put in could be or is invasive. What's the one that gets the orange trumpet shaped blossoms that hummingbirds love? My dad has some of that and it has shoots coming up out of the yard 30 feet away!

Have you given any thought to Bamboo? The evergreen screening type, it makes it's own fence. I keep seeing it listed on craigslist. The one species I'm seeing gets 30 ft tall!
You are thinking of trumpet vine- I have several of those around my yard. Beautiful- grows like crazy, the second year. The first year in, it doesnt do too much.

Honeysuckle is another good one to use. I have that planted with trumpet vine.
Maybe some hops? Corn is fast growing. I have some that get 15 feet tall. I plant it in spots to block out views. I also put in corkscrew willow that grows in quite fast in one or 2 seasons.
Snap peas, green beans and sunflowers are fast growers and provide food but they need to be replanted every year.

I HATE trumpet vines. We bought our house last winter and the pervious owners planted them at the foundation and we've been battling them for over a year now. They won't die, kill the other plants, grow under the siding and are causing issues with the old rock and mortar foundation. Can't dig them out because the roots go on forever. I plan on transplanting everything else, digging out as much as I can,pouring boiling water on it, treating with roundup, making the soil acidic with vinegar, then covering it with plastic for at least a year. That covers every way to eliminate it that I have read, hopefully it works lol.
I would rule out bamboo. I planted it and it went so far into my neighbors zoysa grass yard that i've had to go over to cut it. Just cut all of mine and poisened it.

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