I need ideas


11 Years
Mar 1, 2009
Waco, TX
Im trying buid a pop door for my coop. I whant to use a guilitne style door and I just cant seem to get a good plan together. I need some basic design pics. What did you make it from, and how. Thanks.
I was just after some ideas. I think I have a good one Ill do my best to get some pics of the progress. Im going to use a steel frame.
Hi Lisa Im sure you can use wood. Im a mechanic and weld for people as a side job. I have tons of left over pieces and prfer working with steel over wood.
I made my own with ideas and help from people on here.

Mine are all wood, frame and door. They do stick a bit so I am going to have to slick them up but so far they are working nicely.
Mine are on the inside of the shed and all the rope pulls are in the feed area (4 pop doors).
My biggest trouble is the Silkie roos that like to sleep on the door sill. I have to go in every night and push them away and tell them "bed!" so they will go to the corner to sleep. Then I can lower the door.

Here is the one I have in the middle pen in the shed. I hate covering the window during the day but the door does let plenty of air in to circulate and each wall has a window.


Thanks guys! My BIL is coming today to get started on the coop and since we have a ton of wood I wanted to use that instead of having to track down metal or have the frame welded.

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