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Ok I've got a problem. I've got eggs hatching in my incubator. I was there for a few of them and know what they are by the label on their eggs.

The problems comes from the ones that hatched during the night or while I was at work. I can see which eggs are hatched but I'm not real certain which is which, or what color they'll be.

I know the cochins easy, they're the only ones hatching with feathered feet. But I also have Golden Lakenvelder, Blue Laced Red Wynadotte, Wheaten Maran, Blue Andalusian, Welsummer, Black Sexlink (I know which these are), and Polish (I know which these are).

So I need pictures of day old chicks of those breeds. I'd post pictures of my own but I'm on my work computer and ours at home is too slow to upload pictures.

The BLR Wyanadottes are supposed to be blue/black/splash chicks, their parents were BLR, but the chick I'm looking at that is from that egg is dark red with dark brown chipmunk stripes. Doesn't really say blue/black/splash to me. Anybody have pics of blue/black/splash/BLR wynadotte chicks?

And Wheaten Marans chicks. I assumed they would be lighter colored than my cuckoo maran chicks but the chick that came from the egg marked WM looks exactly like my cuckoo marans chicks. Anybody have a picture of wheaten marans chicks?

What color will black sexlink chicks be if they are a welsummer/barred rock cross? Will they be barred? I really don't want to get them mixed up with my cuckoo marans chicks.

I'm assuming the golden lakenvelder chicks are the grey colored chicks with yellow heads. Am I correct?

I don't have any welsummer chicks hatched yet but I'd like to see pictures.
Here are some of my BLRW chicks

Your wheaten Marans chicks should have feathered feet too altho not as much as the cochins.
Wheaten Marans chicks are the yellow ones:
Hmmmm that's very concerning then..... I don't have a single yellow chick aside from my easter egger (I watched it hatch) and my boyfriend swears up and down that the black chick I'm looking at came from the egg marked WM. He swears up and down that it's the chick because he had to help it out of it's shell. It got half the egg off but it's butt was too big to fit through the end. He just popped off a little section of the shell to make the hole bigger. Chick is fine but definatley not yellow.

The BLRW chicks look just like mine. How can you tell if they'll be blue/black/splash?

Also, do all marans have feathered feet? I have two 2-month old cuckoo marans that don't have feathered feet and neither do some of the other chicks I got from someone else?
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Ok boyfriend just double checked the label on the egg shell for me and it definately has a WM on it. I also have Welsummers. Is there a possiblity the eggs got miss-labeled on accident seeing as the egg is relatively dark and both Welsummer and Wheaten start with W? What do welsummer chicks look like?

Nevermind: looked up welsummer chicks on google and definately doesn't look like the chick I have.

My chick is black with a white spot on it's head and a little white on it's belly
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The cuckoo Marans that I used to raise were cleaned legged. All my Wheatens have feathered legs.

Any possibilty that you put in one of your cuckoo eggs? Sounds like it could be a cuckoo or do you have any BC Marans?
I actually bought these eggs from another BYC'er. My marans aren't laying yet.

I'll have to see what other breeds she has that might have snuck in on accident or that look really similar and were just mismarked. I sent her a message.
Ok so my cuckoo marans are ok then. lol. But what about the wheaten chick? Is there no possible way that it's black will turn to wheaten when it grows up?

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