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Dec 4, 2008
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I just purchased 50 "rainbow layer assortment" from McMurray Hatchery. I was wondering if anyone else has purchased this same rainbow layer assortment. Do the hens lay well? I need these hens to produce since I run a small egg business.

My other option, if I get bad reviews about the first option, is to order from Ideal Hatchery. I can get either the brown sex link or the red sex link.

I need to know by tomorrow so I can cancel the order and switch, since the babies come in a week.

Thanks, you guys are great.
Not sure about McMurray, but I have laying Wyandottes from Ideal, and I get 8-12 eggs a day from 12 hens. They are 8 months old.
Not sure but I know the rainbow assortment from cackle hatchery has sex link chickens in it. I would think there has to be some similarities in the rainbow assortment from the hatcheries. I will say as far as egg layers go I love the black sex links. They lay awesome brown eggs.
I have not personally gotten the Rainbow Layer Assortment from Murray McMurray's before. Here is my problem. They will do their regular orders first and then do the assortments. This time of year, they are almost done for the year and the selection is limited. Most of the BEST layers are either males or not available so the varieties you get will be a coin toss and if you are relying on the hens to lay the most they can then I would be a little pickier about my hen selections. I would be more willing to do a assortment when there are more of a selection like in the spring. Right now, I would order exactly what I want. Just my take on it. Good luck to you.

the way i understand the rainbow assortment is... you'll get brown (different shades of it), white, green and blue tinted eggs... they will be mostly purebred chicks... with exception to any sex links and easter eggers they throw in .... with the brown or red sex link order that you mentioned.. you'll only get shades of brown eggs... with no purebred chickens at all... now.. they'll probably lay more eggs... i guess its just up to you as to what you want to add to your small egg business...
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Hi I ordered the Rainbow Layers from McMurray about a month ago and I got a great variety. Even if the site says a breed is sold out their is still a chance of getting some because they might have one or two left but not enough to advertise them as available. I got a lot of Barred Rocks, Black Australorps, and a lot of chipmunk looking ones. I also received a Buff Brahma as my free rare chick. Here is a link to the 25 chicks I received from the Rainbow Layers.


I loved my order from McMurray but I am going to try Ideal next time for my standard layers because they are cheaper. Ideal has a sale going on for their Surprise Special Pullets for only $1.40 a chick.
i got that assortment once, i had a wonderful variety ie: silver spangled, hamburgs, EE, barred rocks, white rocks, lavenvelders, black australorps, buff cochin and dark cornish, i think that was a good variety!!!
What would be the more superior breed in terms of laying abilities. The brown sex link (Rhode Island Red males and silver factor White Rock female) or the red sex link(Rhode Island Red males and Delaware females). I would order from Ideal hatchery-
anyone have any speculation on this?
also, does anyone know about Silver Laced Wyandotte laying capabilities?

Thanks for help with random questions..
I cannot comment, I will be getting all 4 types of the sex links any day now. Just to make it easier, can you split it right down the middle between the Brown and the Red?

Are you only looking for brown egg layers? Because if it does not matter and you do not mind flighty then the Leghorns are egg machines. I went to look at a book that I have and the author names the Production Red and Golden Comets as the High Producers w/ the leghorns. Maybe the sex-links were after this book was published.


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