I need some "credited" sources for info on chicken scratch

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    May 28, 2014
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    My husband and I opened a feed store in our little city and have found that quite a few people don't know chicken scratch is NOT a complete feed. Unfortunately I have several customers who come in and buy 3 BAGS of scratch for only a dozen or so chickens PER WEEK!!!! [​IMG]

    I've revised our sign on top of the scratch pile that says "A sweet TREAT for chickens" but it gets overlooked way too much. I've also told my few customers who do this not to do so because it doesn't have the right nutrition for their birds, but they keep doing it. [​IMG]

    So I'd like to hand out a flier to all of our customers on information regarding limiting chicken scratch and why. I know people like reading information from viable sources, so I need something I can quote. I'm having a hard time finding any information online, perhaps it's just how I'm typing in my question... Does anyone on here have any sources I can quote from? I'm tired of selling this stuff to people who choose not to do their own research and feed their birds properly [​IMG] I feel so bad for those poor chickens!!!
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    Can you find what the info on the brands you sell says? Most have a write up ie
    Purina says about their Scratch Grains SunFresh[​IMG] Grains
    Scratch Grains is a grain supplement, not a complete feed. If too much is fed, it will dilute the feed intake of complete feeds such as Purina Mills[​IMG] Start & Grow[​IMG] SunFresh[​IMG] Recipe, Purina Mills[​IMG] Flock Raiser[​IMG] SunFresh[​IMG] Recipe or Purina Mills[​IMG] Layena[​IMG] SunFresh[​IMG] Recipe, reducing the bird’s nutritional intake and overall performance. A feeding program is only as effective as the management practices. Actual results can vary depending upon feed intake, environmental conditions and the quality of management practices.

    Feeding instructions:
    Scatter on ground where poultry are present. Scratch grains are not fortified and should not comprise more than 10% of a bird's daily diet. Be sure to feed a fortified complete feed designed for the specified bird species you are raising at a rate of at least 90% of the daily diet. Never offer DuMOR[​IMG] Scratch Grain free choice. Always provide plenty of fresh, clean water.
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    What brand(s) of scratch is it you are selling? I ask because many have it right on the bag in the feeding instructions where they specify that it should be mixed with your feed ration at a ratio of 1:10 - if you can show them right on the bag where the feed producer is telling them it is not a complete feed it might help.
    For example - here is information from Nutrena regarding their scratch grains:

    From Purina:

    Producers Pride (TSC)

    This gives nutritional requirements - which you can compare to the nutritional information on the tag on the scratch bag showing them where the scratch is lacking

    I would also suggest reaching out to your local extension agent - they can provide you all sorts of published materiel that is available through them with regards to animal nutrition, etc.
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    Cool, thanks guys!!! We sell ALG Farmers Best (we're a podunk town with just over 1k people lol, very limited budgets so we try to keep the lower prices in our store). All it says on the package is to feed it to laying hens and that additional supplements are necessary for egg production, then to provide grit (which we really don't need out here because of all the sand) and fresh water. Still though, I haven't seen a single person read the feeding instructions [​IMG]

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