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So I normally (for the last two years) have taken ½ day off the day before Thanksgiving to travel to Portland. I also take off Christmas Eve so DH and I can leave early that day to spend it with his family in Wenatchee or Yakima before going to Portland the next day. My two co-workers both have always reminded me they do not travel for the holidays and their family is right here in town so my schedule is not a problem.

So our boss just put up October, November, and December calendars (these are the ones she writes on after she gets leave slips with who is here & who is gone). And guess what? This woman took the entire week of Thanksgiving off and the entire week before Christmas OFF! So did my boss. So I’m stuck here until 5pm the day before Thanksgiving and until 5pm Christmas Eve. I’m so ticked right now. I e-mailed my boss and asked when my co-woker did that—because we’re supposed to have 2 weeks’ notice and we’re supposed to “communicate” with each first…boss' response—coworker did it the day you left on your vacation to Montana. Which was JULY! ARRGHH! I responded with the fact that it is really going to screw up my holidays and there was no communication. Boss did not respond.


Oh and it gets even better!

I just looked at the calendar again and she’s also taken a ½ day on Tuesday the 29th. Which completely screws me for taking any time off AFTER Christmas. Maybe I’ll call in sick just to spite her!

Either that or I’ll go and back to Portland and then since Friday is the 1st and we have that off and I take off the Wednesday and Thursday and have almost a week off…
Well, characteristics aside, other people deserve time off too, just because their family isn't further away doesn't mean they shouldn't. They should have 'communicated' to see if it would mess up your plans, but sounds like you take quite a bit of time off around the holidays yourself. Their time is just as important as yours.
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Which is true. My boss has family in town. This co-worker does not have family...well, she does but they are in IA and they do not speak or have anything to do with her (I wonder why?) She does have a hubby and older (out of the house) children that also do not come home or speak to her..LOL Seriously, though...she really (IMHO) is just doing this to spite me....she's known for months that I was planning this...sighs.
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