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  1. tomcatvmp

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    Jan 6, 2015
    my male java finch has suddenly started behaving oddly first he was panting with his mouth open, then he started squaeking with his mouth open it sounds like hes struggling to breath and drunk. now hes standing with his mouth open making a clicking noise.
    i dont know what to do he looks like he might be in pain. can anyone offer anything here?????
  2. Birdlover 13

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    Jun 13, 2015
    South Africa
    Could it be dehydration? Is he living in an aviary or inside?
  3. gpop1

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    May 2, 2015
    Ive seen something like this in a tiel and it was a bad sign of a lung problem (a low pitched clicking noise can be mucus) . Birds can not cough so if a seed husk or anything gets in the lungs (minor infection) then its can be fatal. We have in the past managed to save a bird but it required oxygen to keep him going until the anti-biotics kicked in but it really was a miracle.

    Fresh air could help especially if something in the home has been sprayed like air freshener or furniture polish. Ive seen furniture polish knock a budgie of its perch 20 feet away from the table being cleaned. Thankfully my daughter seen it happen and straight away called us so we could remove the bird outside and it recovered quickly.

    Im really hoping that the bird is ok
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  4. jak2002003

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    Oct 24, 2009
    Yes.. I think the finch as a respiratory problem

    You need to take it to a vet ASAP to get a diagnosis and treatment.. medication, etc.

    In the meantime you need to separate it from the other birds in a separate cage.

    It needs heat..... heat from a lamp over one area of the cage with a perch under it... like a brooder for chickens chicks.

    Most of a birds energy goes into keeping warm.. so by providing heat it can use more energy to fight off the sickness.

    You should cover all the sides of the cage with something, except the front.. to help the bird relax, and keep in the warmth. Be carful about fire hazards!!

    Put some sugar and salt in its drinking water, or human electrolytes.

    Offer its favorite foods to tempt it to eat. Keep it calm and quiet.... then sort out an appointment with a vet.

    Hope he gets better.
  5. gpop1

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    May 2, 2015
    To be honest if a finch has a lung problem where its gasping its already to late. Even a avian vet would struggle to keep such a small bird alive. (A gasping bird probably has less than a hour) A Friend lost a cockatiel a while back that was taken to the avian vet before it got to the gasping stage and it didn't make it.

    The larger the bird the more warning time you have thus the more time a vet has to intervene. I really hope the finch had something else and is still alive and happy but if it didn't make it then don't blame yourself.

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