I need your help! Question about candeling a green egg.

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    One of my birds went broody, so I gave her only two eggs. One of them is a green egg and when i candle it(with a regular flash light in a shoe box) I only see dark except the air pocket....... is it a bad thing that I can see the air pocket or is it hard to say? Thanks!
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    there very hard to see, thats good you can see a air pocket. there has been a couple i just let them go until it was time for them to hatch
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    I had Welsummers last and it was the same way. The only thing I could see was the air pocket.
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    you said it was under a broody hen though?? If your worried about it going bad, I wouldnt be. In an incubator you have to play mamma hen and throw out any bad eggs, but I would trust your broody to kick it out of the nest if it goes bad.

    As for try to candle.. get a stronger light ?? :p I dont know [​IMG]
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    Get the brightest flashlight you can and make sure where you candle them is really dark.

    How far along are the eggs? If they are towards the end of incubation (day 14 or later) all you SHOULD see is dark except for the air sac. Once the chick starts filling up the egg, it looks all dark.

    ETA: I had a hard time seeing into my welsummer eggs. I had to sit still for a while to distinguish movement in them. Even my maglight wasn't bright enough, so I bought a super flashlight for next time with 9 bulbs in it. Gosh that sucker is bright!!!! And it only cost me $5.
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